Kelly C Michel

INSTRUCTOR: Stroller Strides

Growing up I was a gymnast. Unfortunately, gymnastics is not a life sport. I taught rec gymnastics for a long time, but I needed to find other ways to stay healthy. I started running. That worked for a long time. When I was pregnant (after 40) I worked full time and did a lot of walking. I thought I was doing really well. However, I did not feel very strong after I had my son. In addition, I needed a social outlet. I found FIT4MOM and it made ALL the difference. I found mom friends to exercise with and we encouraged each other. I look forward to classes for the exercise, community and fun WITH MY BABY. Even when I haven't slept well or I am unsure about what I am doing, I show up at class and I can find someone who totally gets it! It does not matter if you are in top shape or WAY out of shape, you can join in and find your place. See you at class!!

Sorry, we don't have any schedule info for this month.