Lauren Frazier

INSTRUCTOR: Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Body Back and Fit4Baby

I started my adult fitness journey in 2011 with Crossfit. I have had an immense passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle ever since. I was able to stay very active with Crossfit through my first and second pregnancy, which made all the difference for labor and delivery :) I was so amazingly blessed to stumble upon FIT4MOM Capitol Hill while on maternity leave with my second. My husband and I had just moved from Mississippi four months prior, and it was so hard to find a niche of women and mamas in this new place. After just 2 weeks of class I was inspired to become part of this FIT4MOM team. It was so motivating to be able to get a great workout in while keeping my babies with me. So I took the leap and joined the team. I hope my passion and fire for fitness shows through and we get many more mamas to join this wonderful community.

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