Sarine Olden


I started my journey with FIT4MOM in 2016 when I hit my third trimester with Henry. At the time, my OBGYN showed me my weight gain graph and said: “I recommend a prenatal exercise that will make you sweat!” And sweat I did - within the first five minutes of Fit4Baby with 10 other pregnant mamas! I’ve never felt so welcomed and connected especially during the postpartum period where mom blues are a real concern. Our group lives in the heart of Capitol Hill but we like to call ourselves a big village because we meet up on a daily basis to talk about our motherhood journey and all of our little concerns and questions. I still Google all of the questions that pop into my head raising Henry but I find talking to all the moms has been beyond valuable. Coming to a morning FIT4MOM class has been part of our daily routine since I had Henry because it gets us out the door every morning, I get my workout, and Henry gets to hear his favorite songs and play with his friends. I know that motherhood for me would have never felt this good without having FIT4MOM in our life. And did I lose all of my pregnancy weight and an extra 10 pounds? YES. Do I have the energy to keep up with my toddler? YES. Do my shoulders look more defined then they have ever been? YES. Did I turn from a life-long walker into a half-marathon runner? YES, YES, YES.
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