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6-Week Challenge

Our 6-Week Challenge is about making a promise to yourself and keeping it.

This program was designed specifically to help busy moms build a habit around fitness. It leverages our two most impactful classes - our Body Boost HIIT workout and Body Ignite Strength conditioning class - to help you build strength, endurance and agility for mom-life and beyond.

Tenleytown ~ May 1st through June 15th

  • WHEN: Wednesdays 8pm and Saturdays 8am*

    WHERE: City Ridge Yoga Studio, Tenleytown NW

    COACHES: Melissa + Kelly

    *Choose between once ($129) or twice ($229) a week options to find a schedule that works for you!

Wednesday + Saturday. Wednesdays Only Saturdays Only


What if I would have to miss some of the classes?
No problem! You can make up missed classes with any of the 25+ in-person and live-virtual classes on our schedule for up-to 2 weeks after the session Mom life is hard enough so we try to make FIT4MOM as simple as possible so you can make-up missed classes with any class on our schedule for up to 30 days after the end of the session.
Am I in good enough shape for the workouts?
Everyone comes to class at a different fitness level. This program is designed to meet each mom where she is at. Your class instructors will offer multiple options for each move so that you can choose the version of the exercise that is right for you that day. Come see for yourself! Just email us at to try a free class.
Can I do the program if I just had a baby?
This program is the best fit for moms who are more than 3 months postpartum and who are cleared by their provider to exercise without limitations. Stroller Strides is the best program for moms in the 4th trimester who are cleared for exercise.
Can I do the program if I'm pregnant?
Expecting moms who are cleared to workout without limitations are welcome to join the program. Prenatal moms may also be interested in FIT4BABY, our prenatal-specific class that is designed to help prepare your body for pregnancy, delivery and recovery.
Can I bring my kid(s) to class?
The 6-Week Challenge is intended as a mom-only class, but life happens. It is possible to bring kids to class if you need to. Feel free to reach out to if you have specific questions about this.
Do I need any special equipment?
Nope! Of course, you're welcome to bring your own if you prefer but we'll have mats and resistance bands, and any other equipment needed for class. All you need to do is show up for class with a water bottle, good pair of sneakers and supportive sports bra and you'll be good to go!
What are the classes like?
The program is made up of a combination of cardio (Body Boost) and strength condition (Body Ignite) workouts. Body Boost® is a total-body workout that combines cardio, strength, core training to get your heart pumping and leave you feeling energized. Body Ignite® is a strength workout that targets every muscle in your body. This easy-to-follow program will increase your metabolism, athleticism, and ability to lift, lunge, and push everything mom-life throws your way!
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