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Use your creativity, communication and partnership-building skills to help us grow and foster an inclusive and supportive community for moms in DC. Click above to learn more.

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We can't wait to expand Run Club+ to new neighborhoods across the city including Petworth, Brookland and upper NW. Click above to learn more.


We are currently recruiting instructors for our FIT4BABY and Stroller Strides classes across the city. Click above to learn more.


Do I need to have prior experience as a fitness instructor to join the team?
FIT4MOM DC instructors need to be capable excellent form; committed to fostering a welcoming community for all moms; and successfully complete the certification program and in-class training program for instructors. Many of our instructors had no formal experience as a fitness instructor before joining our team.
What kind of education is provided to new instructors?
Everyone interested in joining our instructor team much complete the FIT4MOM Foundations Course as well as the certification in the format (e.g., Stroller Strides, Body Well, FIT4BABY, etc.) that they wish to teach. Both the Foundations Course and Formate Certification are offered as asynchronous online education courses that combine articles, videos, demonstrations, etc. to prepare instructors for their in-class training. Most new instructors finish each course in about 2 weeks by spending a 1-2 hours working on it 3-4 nights/week
What is in-class training/co-teaching?
After Instructors complete the didactic component of their training, we move to experiential training to prepare our instructors to deliver the very best fitness classes and experience for our moms. This phase of the training includes teaching successively greater portions of classes along side experienced instructors. To the extent that your schedule allows, we'll do our best to make sure that you get an opportunity to teach with as wide of a variety as possible of experienced instructors.
Can I be an instructor if I have a full-time job?
Yep! Most FIT4MOM DC instructors have pretty demanding jobs in addition to their family and FIT4MOM roles. Most of our instructors like how different teaching is from their "day job", but mostly they just love hanging out with other moms.